Top Dedicated Server Hosting Traits

What makes one web hosting company stand-out from the crowd?

It's a combination of factors which when performed well, exceeds every other competitor. A few of these factors are:

  • Customer service
  • Technical expertise
  • Hardware performance and reliability
  • Server uptime

It can be easy to see the positives in a good hosting company, but sometimes there are some flaws which are not very visible.

Poor Experience

While shopping for top dedicated hosting, if you experience poor sales or customer support, this can be a sign of what may be to come.

Constant Downtime

If a web hosting provider cannot provide a guaranteed percentage of uptime, it is wise to look at another hosting company. As there is not such a thing as 100% uptime, you will want to find a company that provides 99.99% uptime.

No Guarantee

Does the hosting company offer a money-back guarantee? This is important as if something is not satisfactory within the guaranteed time, you can request a full refund and move to another hosting provider.

Addon Features Cost Extra

Before signing up for a hosting account, check to see which addon features are included with the server hosting. Some may be attractive upfront, but it could be that you are restricted on access without paying an additional fee.

No Distinction Between Dedicated & VPS Hosting

If you really need a top dedicated server and are shopping between hosting companies, is there a clear distinction between what is a dedicated server and a virtual private server (VPS)? Is it easy to find the specific product? Do you get lost in their odd naming conventions?

Limited Hours for Support

We all know problems happen at all hours of the day. Therefore, someone should be available to assist you whenever you might need help.

Top Dedicated Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting strives to bring an excellent experience, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, 30 day money-back guarantee, unrestricted access, clear distinction between VPS and dedicated, as well as complete 24/7 support.

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