When you need to purchase Dedicated Server Hosting, what is the price that you are willing to pay? If you spend a little, you may end up with a server which has been built with random hardware and has poor performance. Upon contacting server support, you may reach a support team who is not knowledgeable in server hosting, or is not available to respond to your calls and emails.

However, if you spend too much, you may end up getting features which you will never need. Yes, having a server that can handle a heavy load can be helpful, but if you are running a single WordPress website with low visitor traffic, it might be a little too much.

Dedicated Server Pricing: What You Should Know

How do you know what you will need? What is the price of a Dedicated Server?

The answer to these questions really comes down to your specific requirements and finding the Dedicated Server package at a price that fits those requirements. As for knowing the specifics of what you need, analyze the resource load on your current web hosting solution. If you were advised to start with a Dedicated Server based on your software needs, take note of the minimum, recommended or estimated hardware requirements for this software. With this information, you can consult with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives who can let you know which Dedicated Server plan is right for you.

Low Priced Dedicated Servers

When your applications start outpacing your VPS, a low cost dedicated hosting solution is your next step. These give you the full resources of the server and gives you the ability to run the machine as you wish.

If these specs don’t meet your needs, then a mid-level plan might be what you need.


Low Price Dedicated Servers

When your online application or website starts to outgrow your current hosting solution, a low cost Dedicated Server Hosting solution could be your next upgrade. This option has no artificial resource restrictions giving you access to all of the server’s CPU cores, memory, and storage while giving you the ability to run your server as you wish. Remember that while price is often a concern – nothing is worse than having a server that doesn’t meet your needs. That is why it is important to find the right solution.

Ask our Technical Sales Staff what they suggest to achieve your hosting goals or consider a mid-level plan.


Mid-Price Dedicated Servers

As your website starts to grow, you will need greater resources which can handle more requests, run more processes simultaneously, operate faster, store and retrieve more data faster. The goal here is to reach an equilibrium between budget and performance to get the most value out of your server under your workload. The ideal Dedicated Server is one that starts with room for your project to grow and allows for future upgrades to meet new demand. This decision will save you from a prematurely forced upgrade to a cluster setup or a higher priced server, suffering from your own success. (Honestly, overwhelming success is a problem we all strive to have so we can’t fault you for it.)

Mid-level servers are an affordable solution which allow for optimal performance, speed and value.


High-End, High-Priced Dedicated Servers

High-end Dedicated Server solutions offer a plethora of options and configurations including clustered nodes which involve multiple servers working together to create a more powerful multifaceted solution. This of course comes at a higher cost. Those that need this level of Dedicated Server Hosting know that an entry level or highly upgraded mid-level system does not meet their minimum hardware requirements. Though we still recommend optimizing your software to work more efficiently on your current hardware – which is a smart move at any level. If you reach this point, it is time to research upgrading to a high-end Dedicated Server solution.

Bringing high performance and the ability to run the most demanding applications, high-end Dedicated Servers often come with high CPU core counts, vast amounts of RAM, multiple fast storage options and come with every possible feature needed for intensive web hosting. Discuss customizing your next high-end Dedicated Server project with our Technical Sales Team.


InMotion Hosting Dedicated Servers

When signing up with InMotion Hosting, you not only purchase a Dedicated Server, but receive top-of-line, 24/7, US based support. With decades of experience, our support is standing by to answer any question or concern that you may have.


Best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

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Best Dedicated Hosting Plans

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