Important Note: Please remember that these customers have volunteered to be listed here - if you contact them directly please remember they are volunteers and you should contact our tech support team here for in depth questions! Thank You!

I have used a variety of servers from justhost, godaddy, wiredtree, blacklotus, to internap then here. The support that brandon offered has been the best that i have experienced so far. Every question i asked was answered in a timely fashion and the conversation was overall enjoyable and very helpful. :)
Esports Plus
"I spoke with Derek three times today on the tech support phone line. Derek was unbelievably patient and helpful to me today. We have a little startup website that needed transferring from my reseller account to a new VPS account. There were some hiccups with the transfer. Derek was kind, knowledgable, and patient with me. He personally ensured that the final transfer was made on my request and helped meet all my needs. I would give Derek 10 out of 10 stars for his work performance today."
Meg P.
I Must first say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me today, Because of your dedicated and professional service I have decided to move my hosting from Ipage.com to InMotion I felt as if you were very helpful and the product you company has would meet what Im looking to do. Once again thanks for sending all the useful attachment I would need in getting my site setup.
Ravi M.
It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you guys, so far! I initially had faced an issue regarding making a purchase through your website and had submitted a request asking for assistance. I’m glad to say that I got Mr. Block to assist me. He was absolutely brilliant and the way he helped me set this up on a Sunday, shows his dedication towards his job and towards the company. He was helpful, understanding and walked that extra mile to accommodate my requests. He is one major reason behind me referring a few friends to use Inmotion’s services.
Tridib M.
Hi, Have done some major research looking for a new web host and I have heard many good reviews from people on forums, So I went to your site and spoke with Patrick.Q using live chat support. The main reason why I decided to purchase with inmotion is because of the fast, friendly and efficient customer service. It was deffinitly the best experience I have had with online support and I have delt with 5 or six other so called big brand hosting companies.
Stephen W.
I just wanted to take a minute to reference a chat I had with one of your sales executives last Wednesday, November 12th. The person I am referencing is SHEA R. When I first opened the chat, I was coming from two weeks of hell with two previous hosting companies (HostGator and Arvixe) which led me in loops trying to get my issues resolved. Shea knew your product inside and out. Shea shared a ton of great details about your packages, about your servers, the benefits on one package versus another, and advice on how I could get assistance on migrating my server. What should have been a five or 10 minute session ended up in a 30+ minute chat and resulted in me opening an account with IMH. Without question, Shea was the reason I ultimately chose to sign with IMH and that’s a testament to the sheer knowledge this account executive had.
Shane S.
My name is Jon Serper and I’ve been a customer of yours for several years. The other day a support technician (Jobie) helped me out with a difficult integration issue that easily could have taken days to resolve, but in part because of his help I was able to pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly. I have to say this level of expertise within your organization seems pretty consistent and that is a great compliment to the way that your company is run. However, what also strikes me and perhaps is something that separates InMotion from others is your support team’s level of patience and ability to understand a complex issue that may or may not have to do directly with your system. In the case of Jobie, I explained my problem which consisted of no less than three integrated systems and he understood the dynamics immediately. He then went to an area within the InMotion system (MySQL) and in toggling versions with a quick test I was able to rule out several possibilities and home in on the root cause. This in a nutshell is why individuals like Jobie and frankly many in your organization are so valuable to me – with all of the disparate systems and interconnections these days it’s almost impossible to find documentation on this type of stuff unless you get lucky.
Jon S.
I wanted you to know that today I spoke to Patrick, and was pleasantly surprised at the expertise, fluency, friendliness, and effectiveness of this young man’s ability to communicate and sell, without attitude or guile. He led me to the right place, sold me a package I can afford, and was infinitely helpful in every question I had for him. My business is very important to me—something that no other hosting company seems to have understood. Since 1997 I have been doing on-line sales, and really appreciated the fact that Patrick was not just helpful, but interested in seeing my business prosper and continue to generate capital. I am so pleased! Thank you, InMotion, and thank you, Patrick.
Jessica W.
I just had a very pleasant problem solving chat with Jadon. He is one of the reasons I stay with inmotion. Every time I have a problem with any of my sites, which is honestly almost never, I get someone on the other end, who actually knows what they are doing. Unlike so many other companies in this day and age, Inmotion seems to have a staff of people who are actually competent. While waiting for the system to make the fixes and updates, he and I had a good banter going. It was awesome to see that an american was on the other end. The movie references and associated banter told me that this was not a “ Offshore” help center, but one here in the US. I applaud in motion for keeping the support onshore. Please extend my thanks again to Jadon for his help and expertise, as well as the fun banter.
George C.
I just wanted to let you know that Adam C was very helpful to me in my decision to switch from GoDaddy to hosting with InMotion. He explained the way your hosting company operates and what I would need to do. I asked questions about several of the features in the Power hosting level and he patiently explained each feature. I’m happy in the decision I made to move my church’s website to InMotion. I hope the transfer goes as smoothly and that InMotion can provide the support I need for my Drupal site which GoDaddy lacked.
Teresa L.
I would like to express my gratitude in both your sales teams and technical supports work. You all have been very helpful. I think over the past week I have contacted you about 10 different times. Both asking for help in choosing what product I need and even after purchase to get help setting up the domains and etcetera. Everytime every person I spoke to was very understanding and helpful in directing me exactly where I needed to go. The online chat is very useful. I have also make just phone calls as well. the fact that someone is available 24/7 makes it very easy to communicate as we are from Mongolia. Keep up the good work and thank you again.
Selenge T.