How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous in cPanel

Ever heard of WordPress? Yes, it is the largest publishing platform on the web. In a previous article, I introduced you to what Softaculous was all about: A utility software in your control panel which automates the installation of website applications. Today I’m going to show you how to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes without any technical knowledge.

First thing you need to do is login to your InMotion Hosting cPanel and click on the Softaculous icon located under the “Software Services” section.
cpanel softaculous

Once you click on the Softaculous icon, you will be redirected to the Softaculous dashboard. If you look to the left side of your screen, you will see a list of software categories. Click on the “Blogs” category and then select WordPress.
Softaculous Navigation

When you click on WordPress, you will see a brief overview of the software. Click on the big blue “Install” button to start the process.

softaculous wordpress screen

On the next screen, you will see the software setup form. First thing you need to do is choose the domain name you want to install WordPress on. To install WordPress on your main domain, you need to leave the “In Directory” field blank. Next, you need to pick a database name (no one else will see this name, so you don’t have to be creative). In Database settings, you want to slightly modify the table prefix to enhance your site security. Instead of leaving the default wp_ prefix, you can do something like wp_sit3nam3_.

Enter your site name and description. You probably want to leave the WPMU box unchecked unless you know what you are doing.
softaculous wordpress setup

If you scroll further down, you will see the screen to create your admin account. Please do not use the default “admin” username. Create something original for yourself. Don’t forget to create a strong password. Enter your best email, and select Install.

softaculous wordpress setup 2

That’s it. Softaculous will work it’s magic and within seconds after you click the Install button, your WordPress will be installed. Then all you need to do is go to and enter your login information to start writing posts.

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7 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress Using Softaculous in cPanel

  1. Thanks for this article … but I had a problem.

    I tried to add a WordPress blog to my website, following your instructions. I must have screwed up because I ended up deleting my website and replacing it with my WordPress blog.

    I’ve since deleted WordPress and had my website fixed.

    Can you tell me what I did wrong? Ultimately, I’d like to have a link at the bottom of my website that says “My Blog” (or something similar). That link would then go to my WordPress blog. Can you help?

    1. Hi Tom,
      I think if you run softaculous but this time remember to enter a folder directory name. So if you enter “blog” in the directory option, you can hardlink your blog to (example) – Hope this helps!

      It’s possible that you left that form field blank, in which case it overwrote your index.html file instead of placing index.php in a new folder

  2. Hi,
    I followed all your steps, but when they told me congratulations and gave me the two links (one with wp, the other for admin wp), the links led to a blank page. Why is that?!



    1. Well that certainly doesn’t sound right. I would suggest trying to re-install WordPress through Softaculous to see if it was just a one time issue. Otherwise, you can get quick help by contacting our support specialists and checking out our Support Center.

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