How can I recover an old email?

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How can I recover lost or deleted emails? While configuring iPhone e mail set up we lost all the users emails
Can I recover deleted mails
recover older email files from inmotion server
My wife has been using horde for her email for awhile on your server.
Out of the blue when she logs in horde gives message screen User [email protected] is not authorised for Mail,Calendar,tasks,etc..Have gotten her email working with other options,like apple mail,Gmail.Roundcube and Squirrel mail work just showing recent files.How do I get Horde to work or find older files so she can access important emails
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Hello and thanks for contacting us. I recommend you check the trash folders in your email app, Webmail, and web server (/home/.trash). If that doesn't work, you can also check any old backups.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Live Support.

Chris M
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I'd advise checking your webmail first to see if the messages are still on the server. If not, there is no way to recover lost emails unless you had a full cPanel backup. If no local backup is available, you may want to quickly check in with our live support team to see if an emergency backup is available.



Sorry to hear that your wife's emails appear to be missing. I looked at the backups on the account and they are the exact same as what's on the account. We also looked at the mail logs and it looks like logins have been occurring normally through IMAP. Have you tried resetting her email password in cPanel? You should be able to set that and then test it by logging in. If you continue to have problems, provide more detail about how you are logging in (Are you using a separate device? using a different email program?). Report this issue to our live technical support through a verified email. Verification is done by providing either the last 4 digits of the credit card on the account or the AMP password. If you believe there is a data recovery issue, you can request a backup restore. Bear in mind that backups are done every 24-36 hours. You should request a restore as soon as possible if needed.


Arnel C.