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I currently have my mail service and domain name with Inmotion hosting. I have built a new website using WIX and wish to migrate my domain name and email service to WIX in its entirety. 

Is this possible or do I need to keep my email serive with Inmotion hosting and point my domain to WIX? I would greatly appreciate any kind of help or steps regarding the issue, thank you! 

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Thank you for contacting us about hosting your domain and emails at Wix. Yes, this is possible and you do not have to keep your email server with InMotion. The easiest way is to keep your domain registered with InMotion and point to the Wix Nameservers. You would no longer need the hosting account with InMotion and would only renew the domain's registration. Here is their guide on connecting your domain to Wix name servers. You can then control where the domain and email is hosted within Wix. Just make sure your Wix plan includes email hosting and that you have created the same email accounts with them, here is their guide.
If you want to transfer the domain registration from InMotion to Wix they have a guide here. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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