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I haven't done active webpage development for over a decade, so forgive me if I don't know the tools.  I would like to be able to upload a variable number of photos to a folder, and have an index page with thumbnails, so people can view the photos.  Is there a tool tp easily create this, or something like it?

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us regarding a tool for uploading and sharing photos. There are quite a few "Image Gallery" programs available for sharing and managing images.  You can view them in Softaculous with the following steps.

Viewing Image Galleries in Softaculous

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Click the Softaculous Apps Installer option in the Software section.
    Image 343
  3. Now click the Image Galleries option on the left menu and you will see all the image gallery options that are available. I recommend reviewing and testing them to see which one best meets your needs.
    Image 344
  4. You can then install them using Softaculous as needed.

Another option is to install WordPress, which is one of the most popular website-building softwares available. Then use one of the many 3rd party image gallery plugins to add the ability to manage photos.

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