How do I clone an existing wordpress website hosted by you to a new domain owed by me but currently with another provider on redirect to the existing site?

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I wish to have the same content on two seperate domain names. The original website (A) is hosted by you and is a wordpress website.

I wish to transfer a domain name (B) I already owe through another provider and clone the website A to have two identical sites A and B.

I cannot find the wordpress clone icon in my cpanel. 

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us regarding cloning a WordPress site. There are several options for accomplishing this.

Option 1. If your domains are both hosted in the same account, you can clone a site using Softaculous.

Option 2. You can use a 3rd party plugin to migrate a copy of the site. For example, you could use Total Upkeep.

Here is a helpful link to our full guide on How to Transfer a Domain Name to InMotion Hosting.

Another alternate option if you don't want to manage two websites is to add the new domain to cPanel as an Alias domain, which will have both sites resolve the primary domain and display the same site with both URLs. You can do this by clicking Alias in cPanel under Domains, then adding the domain.

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