Unknown Images Uploaded

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I have 2 domains (**********.us and ********.com) on my account, both of which make use of WordPress.

For a while now I have noticed that I have image files uploaded to the following directory ********.com/wp-content/uploads

Just this morning, for example, there were 46 items uploaded to this month's directory.

How can I trace and shut down whatever service, setting, extension or port or whatever is allowing these uploads?

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us regarding unknown images being uploaded into WordPress. If you suspect something is accessing your site without your knowledge you should rotate all your passwords and ensure WordPress is up-to-date along with all your 3rd party plugins/themes. I next recommend reviewing your cPanel logs for information on how the images are being uploaded. Specifically, your Access and FTP logs may provide specific clues into what is uploading images. If you are on a Shared server our Live Support Team can help you access/review the logs.

Also, since this is a public forum I have marked out your site information for security purposes.

Thank you,