I tried to close an account with speedway, because they were identified by apple as a data breech. I called customer support and asked that the account be permanently deleted. I wrote an email to them and it bounced. what should I do to resolve this?

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I have detected MULTIPLE problems with electronic surveillance on all my devices recently. a data breech was identified by apple on my iphone with my speedway account as the source of the breech. I contacted customer service by phone and they assured me that they would delete the account. I went online to see if they had corrected the problem and found that the account had only been locked for multiple failed attempts. I immediately checked my email and it was from speedway, that they had locked the account, not deleted the account. I expressed to them that I wanted the account DELETED, not just locked. The email was returned as being "bounced" and I  don't have the knowledge base to deal with these people. I am involved in a police misconduct case as a victim. My calls are being intercepted by a UCCX intercept in Franklin, TN. I am seeing strange listings for web activity on my Google accounts in Illinois. I live in Tennessee. I need to find out how to handle these people. Is there a legal recourse open to me to stop this? I would appreciate any help you could give me, thank you.

Arnel C
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Sorry for the problems that you're having with  everything. I would recommend contacting Speedway directly.  We, as a hosting company, cannot take any actions if there are no issues of misconduct through our services.  If you require assistance, I would recommend speaking with your legal representation in order to get advice on how you should proceed.

If you take a legal course that would involve our service in a court case, then you will need to go to our page on legal inquiries and submit a request.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

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Arnel C.