E-mail problems from an InMotion hosting account with valid DKIM and SPF records and corporate Gmail clients

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Hi folks. I'm reasonably experienced with e-mail and DNS records. The cPanel-based diagnostic under "eMail Deliverability" in my InMotion Hosting indicate that my SPF and DKIM records are valid.  I've checked external web tools for sender reputation as well. All seem to indicate that my sender reputation is fine as are the InMotion servers. 99%+ of my e-mail works perfectly. I have two corporate customers that I constantly have issues exchanging e-mail with however. Sometimes I don't receive their e-mail - other times they don't receive mine. Neither of us receive non-delivery notifications. I'm embarrassed - they naturally assume that I'm the problem because I have the smaller company. I've never had a problem with anyone else other than these two domains - I'm turned off the InMotion Spam Assassin SPAM filter.  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that both of these customers use Gmail for company e-mail. I'm just wondering whether anyone else in the InMotion community is having similar problems with corporate Gmail customers - I recall a customer that I dealt with previously telling me that Gmail provided the ability to suppress non-delivery (which I see as a bad idea of course) . I suspect this is not an issue with InMotion Hosting, but it's causing me a lot of grief. I'm working around this now by sending from a separate account I have hosted @ GoDaddy which seems to work for whatever reason. Wondering if anyone else has come across something similar? Thanks very much.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with email delivery to what appears to be Gmail users. I personally use Gmail myself and I have sent emails to my InMotion Hosting email address many times without any issues. So, I'm not sure what could be causing delivery issues between the email servers.However, there are several things you can do for this specific issue.

First, if you are aware of the email addresses not getting email delivery or being able to send to you I would file a support ticket to our live support team. They can very specifically look a the email server logs and determine what's happening with emails coming or going out.  Make sure to provide specific dates and times as well as specific email information so that they can filter out those specific log entries.

I would also recommend jumping into SpamExperts if your account is using it and use the whitelist options there.

Finally, I would highly recommend setting up DMARC records in your DNS through cPanel.  DMARC is used by Google so having it setup can also help with ensuring that emails are properly delivered.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you have any further questions, please let us know!

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Arnel C.