Can I request Cloudlinux on your managed Dedicated servers?

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Hello - I am wondering if it's possible to have your team install and manage Cloudlinux for me on your managed Dedicated servers, instead of the standard Cent7?

I understand that I will have to purchase a Cloudlinux licence, and I am prepared to do so.

Can you support Cloudlinux like this? And will this include regular patching etc just like it would with Cent7?

My goal is to resell to local businesses (WordPress hosting) but I want to have more restrictions on cPanel resources etc, which is why I want Cloudlinux instead of default Cent7.

Bonus question: I assume that I can request your optimised WordPress stack too (which includes Nginx, etc as described in your managed VPS plans), is this right?

Thank you so much!

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Hi Bobby! I checked with some of our senior Support supervisors to make sure I got the details right for you: yes, Cloud Linux can be installed on our Managed Dedicated servers. You're right regarding licensing-- you'll need to sort the license out on your end. We'll still be able to support you on a server running CloudLinux.

The actual installation of CloudLinux is going to be handled by our Managed Hosting team. If you're setting this up on a new Dedicated Server plan, that is going to come with Launch Assist time that can be used for installing it and getting it going. 

In terms of NGINX: yes! You can get our WordPress optimized NGINX on a dedicated plan as well.