We’re Excited to Meet You

We have spent years building a reputation based upon treating others how we would want to be treated, just like your mother told you. Our mantra is to exceed your expectations - whether that be with our reliable network, award-winning support staff, or our industry leading money back guarantee, we mean it when we say we love our customers.

There’s a reason why we’re #1...

...it's our commitment to our customers.

new domains gained by transfers

This 6 week overview from 6/10 – 7/15/2013 shows the percentage of domains gained by transfers.* As you can see, InMotion Hosting consistently comes out above the rest.

We have friendly hosting support teams that are here to provide solutions. Premier Support™ gives you fast, accurate responses to your general hosting questions. While our Managed Hosting Team works in-depth with our more advanced users to create robust best-fit solutions.

To back up our support teams, our business operation teams give the same great level of support. From Billing to Customer Care, they are here for you. This is why we’ve been CNET verified 10+ years and have achieved an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for outstanding business practices.

*Data collected from webhosting.info.