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InMotion Hosting has always believed that the work place runs at its peak efficiency and creativity when there is a diverse group of backgrounds collaborating to build better products. From day one, employees are welcomed and familiarized with our policies, procedures, and Core Values to set them up for success.

Our Diversity Statement is an extension of our Core Values and defines our commitment to creating and maintaining a comfortable working environment for all.

Our core philosophy is to see everyone succeed. There never has been nor will there ever be a modifier to that philosophy. It means to see all people succeed, regardless of race, cultural background, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other descriptor. We are committed to inclusion because our individual differences make us stronger. You are welcome here.

In a recent Great Place to Work survey, our employees scored us highly on topics that reflect our commitment to supporting diversity.

  • 96% of employees said people are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.
  • 95% of employees said that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.
  • 94% of employees said people are treated fairly regardless of their race.
  • 92% of employees said people are treated fairly regardless of their gender.
  • 90% of employees said management promotes inclusive behavior, avoids discrimination and is committed to ensuring fair appeals.
  • 84% of employees said people enjoy their colleagues, feel that they can be themselves, and that they can count on and support each other.

Through inclusion, we are able to foster belonging, empowerment, and respect – in the workplace and within our communities. It’s why InMotion Hosting works to become a pillar of support in the tech industry. From supporting groups and niche organizations that want to grow in the tech field, to our Employee Engagement Committee, we’re always seeking initiatives that put our Core Values into action.

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