Is InMotion Hosting an Awesome Place to Work? Just ask our Newest Developer.

What brought you to InMotion Hosting?

The LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / PHP / MySQL) has been a staple of my personal and professional development since 2003.  When I started looking for PHP development openings, I was not looking for just any company that needed a developer, where there would be some kind of awkward tech-talk language barrier between the project manager and I.  I was looking for a real tech company.  InMotion Hosting stood out as a company I want to work for.

I was also looking for a company that embraces open source software.  Much time in college was spent mastering the command line, and I was looking forward to applying what I had learned to my future career.  My initial interview was conducted in our penguin meeting room, distinguished by the picture of Tux near the door.  I knew I was in the right place.

How has your experience been so far?

It has exceeded expectations, to be honest.  The work atmosphere is very laid back.  Dress code is very relaxed.  We are all techies.  You immediately feel right at home.  This is the kind of place where nobody will ever ask you where to find “My Computer”.  Even Human Resources staff can tell you about our hosting infrastructure.

IMH has set up an environment conducive to efficient software development.  If you prefer to use Linux over Windows, go install Linux, I know I did.  Whether you use vim, Eclipse, emacs, or Notepad, you have the freedom to use whatever development environment you want to get the job done.  With regard to the office atmosphere, a big concern for me is quiet.  Without quiet, there is no focus, and without focus, I won’t be producing quality code.  Fortunately, we keep the development area very quiet.  When you need a break to get your mind off things for a few minutes, there is a foosball table in the break area, and plenty of free snacks nearby, as well.

All of the tools and technologies from college are directly applicable at IMH.  We spend a good amount of time working in a development environment, accessed via terminal.  At the moment I’m working on maintaining and updating infrastructure that supports our internal staff.  We release frequently so that there is never too much changing at any one time, keeping unexpected issues to a minimum.

IMH is just a great place to work.  They recognize that their staff is their greatest asset, and do everything they can to  help us be successful in our careers.

Elliott Peay- New Development Associate