Newly Hired Support Tech Speaks Out

Wonder what it's like to be a new support team member at InMotion Hosting? Mark Hall who joined the IMH family on April 18th answers a few questions for us.

Overall, how has your IMH expereince been so far?    Great! Everyone has been great and very helpful. I was quite nervous my first day on the floor, but everyone around me made me feel very welcome and was helpful. That was huge to me!

As an associate you get a free hosting account, have you started using it yet?    Yes! I am making a Joomla gaming information site that my wife enjoys managing.

Technically, what skills do you think you sharpened during training?    My console and Linux skills. My ability to respond and answer questions is also improving. I am starting to "think faster" on my feet…or my seat that is.

Were you introduced to any new skills/concepts during training?    Yes, very much so. The advanced use of open source software and workflow management is awesome.

With each customer compliment, "kudo" you get you earn $10, what is your kudo goal for your first month on the floor?    Gonna go for one a day I suppose.

What do you think about Free Lunch Tuesday?    Hey…who can complain about free lunch?! Awesome!