Hosting Drupal on a Dedicated Server

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Dedicated Drupal Hosting is the optimal solution for Drupal websites with high demand. When Shared hosting and VPS hosting are just not enough, making the move to Drupal hosting with a fully dedicated server will help your website reach its full potential. Having your own server can mean more stability, speed, and security.

What should I look for in a top dedicated server?

Dedicated servers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you’re doing your research on the best Dedicated Hosting solutions, you will see that prices vary depending on:

  • The quality of the server you’re getting
  • The features included such as disk space and bandwidth
  • The level of technical support offered

Quality Dedicated Servers

Our goal at InMotion Hosting is to provide high-quality service to each and every customer. When it comes to our dedicated servers, this motto prevails. A server is only as good as the parts inside, and we’ve chosen to stock our servers with trusted, name brand components.

Dell, Intel, you’re sure to have heard of them. What about Xeon or Turbo Quad Core? We use Dell servers, and our higher end dedicated servers include Xeon / Turbo Quad Core processors.


Most users are familiar with Intel processors on their desktop and laptop computers. Intel Xeon processors perform higher than other Intel processors you may be used to because they are designed specifically for use in servers.


The Turbo technology in Intel processors allows them to run dynamically faster. If your server is busy handling lots of traffic, as long as your processors aren’t burning red and melting, they can overclock themselves to increase performance and help get the job done.

Quad Core

A quad core processor contains four cores, which means four microprocessors are available for number crunching. With multiple cores running at the same time, speeds increase and programs run faster.

Why should I host Drupal on a Dedicated Server with InMotion Hosting?

When choosing a host for your Drupal website, make sure of the following:


Our high-quality servers deliver high performance. If you’ve ever made the mistake of choosing a cheap server because of its low price, do yourself a favor and make a smarter decision. Our System Administration team has been building production servers for years, and our experience will work to your advantage. From small changes to more advanced server setups, we’re happy to assist in managing your server so it works best for your needs.


We know Drupal. We’ve got answers to many common questions, and you can find in-depth tutorials in our Drupal Education Channel. When you need help, our Technical Support team is available 24/7.


InMotion Hosting has been hosting websites since 2001. We understand the importance of customer service, and it’s one of the many reasons our business has done so well over the years.


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Dedicated Hosting for Drupal

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