• Buying and configuring your own server can be daunting. Knowing which hosting package you need can also be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of experts which can advise of the best plan suited for your needs?

    At InMotion Hosting, we have a knowledgeable team of representatives who can walk you through all of the available options and answer your questions or concerns. You can move forward with peace-of-mind knowing that you are making a wise choice for your home on the web.

    If your VPS plan is maxing out of resources causing your website to run slowly or if you have just completed developing a successful application, choosing to buy a dedicated server is a wise choice.

    InMotion Web Hosting Features

    Giving you not only the tools to stay online, InMotion gives you power and flexibility to manage and support your website and online applications.

    Firewall Protection

    Protecting your website and information is our top priority. We include firewall protection which allows you to block specific IP addresses as well as full IP address ranges. We also allow you to set policies so that only certain levels of authorization can gain access to your website and information


    Our dedicated servers utilize suPHP allowing execution of PHP scripts. This allows you to utilize the latest software platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


    Most software platforms require a database to operate properly. If you are hosting multiple websites, then you will probably need multiple databases. Having a set number of MySQL databases can be detrimental to your work. With our dedicated server hosting, you have an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


    We work hard to provide solid connectivity to ensure that your website stays live. With multiple connections to different internet service providers, we are prepared and able to provide our guaranteed 99.99% uptime. If for some reason one connection goes down, your website will stay live and move to another provider.

    Hardware Reliability

    Using the highest quality hardware and machines, we spend countless hours working to ensure that each one of our servers runs at optimal performance and speed. Each server is professionally build with the highest grade hardware possible.

    RAID for redundancy and performance

    RAID is perfect for large amounts of data as it can be retrieved faster than a non-RAID machine. We make a copy of all your data onto two separate drives. This helps decrease the chance of any lost data due to disk failure.

    Content Management Systems

    If you plan on using a Content Management System (CMS), rest assured our dedicated servers can handle these installations as well as the plugins you install.


    If you are looking for a blogging platform or an easy solution to build your website, consider using WordPress. It’s ease to install as well as ability to configure designs, allows you to easily manage and support your website.Supporting over 70 million websites, WordPress is known to be the most common CMS in the world. Our dedicated server hosting brings speed and optimal performance to WordPress websites.

    Built for small to medium-sized websites, Joomla is a good scalable solution. With built in SEO along with an open source infrastructure, Joomla is considered to be the world’s second most popular CMS. Joomla websites run fast and efficient on our dedicated server hosting.

    Known for developers and development teams, Drupal is known for enterprise level websites. Some of the world’s busiest websites are developed using Drupal. Along with WordPress and Joomla, our dedicated server hosting bring power and maximized speed and performance with Drupal websites.

    Reseller Features

    Helping bring you more savings, we have included additional reseller software at no additional cost. This gives you the ability to become a dedicated server reseller. Web Hosting Manager allows you to manage accounts. This will also allow you to give your clients cPanel access. This feature is valued at $425 a year!

    Consider a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

    Knowing what you need can be difficult. Depending upon traffic, the types of applications being developed, as well as what you can afford, all go into selecting the right plan.

    We want to help you get the answers to your questions as well as well as help you choose the right dedicated hosting package. Learn more about our server hosting, or talk to our expert team of knowledgeable representatives.

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