The Best Dedicated Hosting by InMotion Hosting

Committed to bringing you the best dedicated server hosting, we work to ensure that each server provides optimal performance and speed. We know how important it is that you have quality server hosting and we are dedicated to providing that for you.

Dedicated Hosting Hardware

Each of our dedicated servers are professionally built and rigorously tested to ensure that all hardware is functioning at top performance. This allows us to be the best dedicated server hosting in the market.


All of our servers have at least two CPU cores and are threaded for increased performance. This allows you to run multiple processes in parallel, decreasing overall load and wait time.


The RAM in each of our dedicated servers is selected to work specifically with our chosen CPUs. We don't put a random amount of DIMM in each server. Instead, each unit of RAM is matched with the CPU in order to maintain a clock speed of 1333mhz.

Hard Drives

Using the highest quality hard-disk and solid state drives, we ensure that all of your data is stored properly on reliable drives. Each individual hard drive is tested before we install it into the server.

Dedicated Hosting Software

InMotion Hosting provides the best Dedicated Linux Hosting through CentOS. When purchasing a dedicated server, it will come with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) stack. We also work to ensure that it is fully optimized for best performance. cPanel and WHM are also installed at no additional cost.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Be sure to check out our server hosting plans to see the differences between our Essential, Advanced, and Elite dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers

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