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All plans include discounts for new customers. Start a chat with Sales for details.

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Closer to the Internet

OS security patches and updates, cPanel/WHM updates, and more.

Powerful and Affordable

Intel® Xeon® based servers with excellent performance and prices.

Better with Managed Hosting

2-4 Hours with our SysAdmins for Optimizations & Transfers – Free.

Secure & Reliable

99.99% network uptime and DDoS protection keep your enterprise running smoothly.

SSD-Based Hosting

Get 20X faster hosting and more control with solid-state drives.

Multiple Data Centers

Choose between our data center locations to maximize your global reach.

30-Day Money-Back

Buy a dedicated server with confidence with our satisfaction guarantee.

Best Dedicated Servers for the United Kingdom

Free SSD Drives

Up to 20x faster than spinning drives.

99.999% Net Uptime

Smart Routing™ technology. 

30-Day Guarantee

100% money back.

cPanel & WHM Included

Easy server management. 

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Rebootless Upgrades

Easily track & manage business.

CentOS Experts

We are Linux professionals.

Tier 1 Network

Redundant bandwidth providers.

Multi-Layer Defense

Mitigate unplanned downtime.

Personal SysAdmin Time

Up to $300 in savings included free. 

* Or Equivalent


As a United Kingdom customer - how fast will my website be on your servers?

Since we are on a top-tiered network that is right at the “Internet Exchange Point” (IXP), you will experience high data transfer rates and low latency.

Is there another way to pay for my server?

There are multiple ways of payment for our international customers. We are compatible with a credit card, electronic payments, PayPal, and much more. Chat with a sales representative for further details about payment options.

Are all of your Dedicated Servers managed?

We offer both Managed Dedicated Servers and Unmanaged or “Bare Metal” Dedicated Servers for those who would like to self-manage. On the Managed Dedicated Servers, we manage both the hardware of your server and the pre-installed LAMP stack with cPanel/WHM. Any updates or security patches are installed and maintained by us as well as having a maximum 2-hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Can I upgrade my dedicated server's hardware?

Hardware customizations on existing Dedicated servers are available but it is recommended you add them on at the initial purchase as any hardware changes once the server is active would result in downtime for your server. Contact our Sales team for upgrades and much more.

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