Build a One Page Website with QuickStarter

One page website with QuickStarter

The one page website or, as we call it, the QuickStarter design, is becoming more popular and commonplace on the internet. These simple one page websites are used by small businesses, entrepreneurs, bands, and many others. A one page site conveys all of your information in one easy-to-read scrolling format. This is beneficial for many reasons, and we want to show them to you.

A one page website doesn’t mean that your business website will look just like all the others. “Simple” doesn’t have to mean “boring.” In fact, when it comes to customization, the sky’s the limit.

At InMotion Hosting, all of our one page websites are built by our web designer professionals on the WordPress platform, meaning you get all the customization options that come with it. No matter what industry you’re in, or what your niche is, our designers will come up with something 100% suited to you – and 100% unique.

Learn more about QuickStarter in our article below:

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What Do You Get with QuickStarter?

A QuickStarter website is created by a professional from the creative and experienced team with InMotion’s Web Design team.  What exactly do you get from a professionally designed one page website?

  • Business Name – This can also include your company logo.
  • Description – This can include a mission statement or motto as well as a full description of your business including how long you have been around, what you specialize in, and a little bit of information about you to help humanize your company.
  • Call to Action -This is particularly important because it gives you the chance to acquire emails and contacts for marketing purposes. For example, a typical call to action involves a pop-up or similar message asking the visitor to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Visuals – Our web design professionals will ensure that the pictures or videos used on your website are relevant to your site and business.
  • Contact – Contact information doesn’t just end with your address and phone number. Our designers will set you up with a way to link social media. An active social media campaign is another great way to get more visitors and, ultimately, more customers.

What are the Advantages of Using QuickStarter?

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is a major benefit of using the one page website design of QuickStarter.  As of March 2021, the Google search engine is moving to a mobile-first indexing approach.  This means that being mobile-optimized will be a key factor in search engine ranking. A one page website loads quickly and can provide the information that a user might be searching for without requiring a deep dive into several pages of text.


The aesthetics of a simple one page website are much different than that of a multi-page one. The flow between pieces of information is shorter and simpler for the visitor. This means that content is presented in a creative fashion with an emphasis on conveying your message or idea. Pictures, graphics, quotes, reviews, etc. are all used to showcase more about your business and keep the content brief, to-the-point, and interesting.


A simple one page website means that your content must be able to convey its message to a viewer in an easy-to-understand format.  This makes for a better experience for the viewer who will not suffer the frustration of searching for information on a larger website. Viewers will be able to enjoy the content of the page without endlessly scrolling through multiple pages.  Additionally, you get the knowledge and experience of our professional web design team.


We do understand that not all website content can be immediately conveyed in a simple one page website.  You can use the QuickStarter site as a stepping stone or gateway to a larger more comprehensive website that can be designed by our InMotion Web Design team, or other experienced professionals of your choosing.

Do QuickStarter Websites Work Like Normal Websites?

The simple answer is, yes.  A QuickStarter website is an informational website that can be published with minimal cost of time and money.  

A QuickStarter site will not necessarily be the solution to provide a complete, in-depth explanation of your cause, business, or idea.  Instead, consider it as a way to get an immediate internet presence of your idea or brand in a quick and easy-to-understand website.  You can always link from it to your future or existing website for more comprehensive content or functionality.

In short, if you’re looking for a quick and professional way to get a simple, one page website on the internet without having to do it yourself, then QuickStarter is an excellent solution!

What Do I Need to Do to Get a QuickStarter Website Started?

In order for us to get your site started, we will ask you a series of basic questions.  We would be looking for information such as your business name, tagline, and industry. With just the required  minimum amount of information from you, our designers will have everything they need to create a 100% unique, professional website.

To get the process started, visit our QuickStarter page! Once you’ve completed the purchase and provided the needed information, our designers can have a professionally designed single-page website up and running within two business days! 

For more tips, tricks, and solutions for WordPress design, please see our WordPress Educational channel!

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