All the Benefits of InMotion QuickStarter Websites

Benefits of QuickStarter Websites

At InMotion Hosting, we want our customers to be successful in their online endeavors. Enter QuickStarter, the affordable web design package for those who want help getting a site up and running.

InMotion QuickStarter websites are the perfect solution for companies or individuals that have a business or idea to share online. After all, building brand awareness is the first step to landing sales. With our quick, four-step process, your professionally designed website can be brought to life in just two business days for under $300. So why a one-page website? We’re glad you asked.

The Basics of a QuickStarter Website

Statistically, only 64% of small businesses have a website, and 58% of small businesses plan to build one in 2018 (Source). However, professional websites require resources that many small-to-medium-sized companies (SMBs), as well as individuals, may not have. QuickStarter to the rescue!

When you purchase an InMotion QuickStarter website, we will ask you a few basic questions, such as your business name, a tagline, your industry, and any key products or services. This basic information is enough to allow a Design Expert to get to work and deliver a unique, personalized website quickly.

Another “must have” in today’s digital world? Social media accounts. Be prepared to share any social media handles relevant to the site, as we will connect them to your website, so your audience can better connect to you! An added bonus to sharing social media information, is that a designer can find and use any quality content that’s already available online. This includes materials like a logo, quality photos and videos, and possibly written information.

As you can see, it takes very little for these experienced, knowledgeable designers to jump-start a beautiful website. And don’t worry, you will have other options down the road to continue building out your dream website.

Best Practices for a Website

Our InMotion Web Design Team is staffed by experienced web designers, who are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest design trends and marketing best practices. Right from the start we apply strategic marketing tactics to drive people to either call your business, email you, purchase a product or fill out a form. In other words, we set you up for results.

Some of the best practices we utilize when appropriate and applicable to your site:

We utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. We focus on the target keywords for whatever you are trying to promote or sell with your site, to potentially improve your site’s rankings in search engine results.

For example, say you’re the only or top-rated Italian restaurant in your hometown of Wilmington. We place information in the code such as, “Best Italian Restaurant in Wilmington,” so when people search online using that phrase, your website has a better chance to be at the top of that list of results.

Please note: we do not guarantee top rankings, but we certainly do our best based on your basic information and conversion goals.

Websites should be mobile-friendly. Your QuickStarter site will be mobile-friendly or “responsive”, so people can view it on any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. An added bonus is that website crawlers, like Google or Bing, reward you for it with higher rankings!

Professional email address setup at your domain. Are you still using Gmail, Yahoo! or even AOL for your company email? With InMotion hosting plans and the help of QuickStarter, we can configure your business email so your business name or domain name is used as your email address. For example, [email protected]. If you have a lead generator or contact form on your website we can configure it so the submissions are delivered right to that inbox. Plus, you can setup unlimited email accounts to keep all your employees and contacts organized.

QuickStarters are built on WordPress. Take advantage of the benefits that come with a WordPress website. Eventually you’ll want to grow your business and website, right? With WordPress, the design and functionality capabilities are virtually endless. Because it’s an open source platform, you have access to 50,000+ plugins, and 10,000+ themes — most of which are free! You also have the support of a huge online community that is constantly building a better WordPress experience, as well as sharing tips on how to improve your site. (Fun fact: Over 30.6 million websites are built on WordPress! Welcome to the party!)

Beyond Your QuickStarter

When you’re new to websites, this stuff may seem scary at first. Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered! Once you get the keys to your new QuickStarter website, we give you a product guide so you can easily make any edits or additions to your site in no time.

This product guide discusses BoldGrid, a WordPress website builder. Your QuickStarter site comes equipped with this website builder. With BoldGrid, you will be able to make changes to things like colors, fonts or images, and add pages faster, as it makes these processes more intuitive.

Stuck on something and can’t figure it out? Everything you edit can be reversed or improved, so don’t fear. You can always call in or chat with customer service to get help quickly. We are available 24/7/365 and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Want to build your website out further but don’t have the time? Let a Design Expert take the wheel again! You can get up to three basic pages total added to your site for only $99 a page. If you want more than three pages or have a more complex website in mind, consult with a member of our team to determine the best web design package for you.

How to Purchase a QuickStarter Website

Ready to take the plunge and get a professionally-designed website online within two business days? If you’re a new customer, you can visit the QuickStarter page and follow our CTAs to purchase QuickStarter with WordPress Hosting on the WP1000. That is our top recommended plan, especially those looking for extra support, proactive maintenance and updates for a single website. However, if you have another hosting plan in mind with more websites and features, or are simply budget conscious, you can add it to any WordPress Hosting or Business Hosting plan in your cart during checkout.

If you’re an existing InMotion Hosting customer, you can select QuickStarter in AMP marketplace. Login to your AMP account, click the “Marketplace” tab, then fill out the form to submit your QuickStarter request.

Now that you know everything that QuickStarter can do for you, let’s get you started today!

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