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InMotionFans asks: my website contains blog posts i wrote myself. But in order to submit and display comments for that particular article, my php code requires that add...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-27 01:57 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I placed an order for your wordpress service last night, the order processed and I was taken to a "thank you" page. There it said an email ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-27 12:35 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I have a client that I'm going to be building a website for.. unfortunately, I won't get the domain transferred to me until the site is rea...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-27 12:13 pm EST
amy7serin asks: In order to create a website using BoldGrid, I was redirected to this website to buy a hosting plan. I bought a domain name and the Power plan around ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-27 11:51 am EST
InMotionFans asks: My domain is registered with Godaddy, I have signed up for Inmotion webhosting, Office 365 handles our email. When I changed the nameservers to Inmoti...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-27 10:46 am EST
InMotionFans asks: my home directory : (/home/ibacks5). I would like to rename it to (/home/alforas). how can I do that?
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-26 11:16 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I went through the process of transferring a site over to my account on inMotion, installed wordpress, and followed the tutorial steps to access my wo...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-26 03:00 pm EST
Mazygh asks: please I bought vps hosting but I have not yet found the information on gmail
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-26 01:46 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I am trying to embed a few audio files into a website, and seemingly am very close to success with two exceptions. I am running into an issue when the...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-26 11:54 am EST
InMotionFans asks: 1. PHP Version 5.3.1 or higher 2. MySQL client version: 5.1.41 or higher 3. PDO Installed 4. CURL Open 5. Session enabled 6. Mail func...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 10:34 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I can only get to my website without the www. works but does not. Can I make it work with www as well? Jeff
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 05:07 pm EST
rick85251 asks: I would like to know the recommended way to clone an existing Wordpress site to use for development and testing purposes. Should I use cpanel to m...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 04:49 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Is possible to install php memcache library and memcache server?
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 03:21 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I was trying to import a demo content of a wordpress theme but it always failed. So I have emailed the theme owner and he told me that I have to do th...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 02:19 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Hello, One of my customer has sent me some suggestion regarding email and I dont understand from where I can change this content. Please suggest. Th...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-25 01:11 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Now I am trying to put my new visa card number to pay for domain registration, but cannot. Get messages like "do not honor" or "invalid...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-24 08:37 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi, I installed a new module on my back-office different than the email templates manager module. However, I got this message: [PrestaShop] Fatal...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-24 07:10 am EST
Lahav asks: When running start transaction -> updates -> rollback in MySQL script having set autocommit = 0 I do not get any errors, but the updates are not...
0 Answers
Asked 2017-02-24 05:34 am EST
scottglx asks: We are not able to setup USPS (WooCommerce Services) after installation. We recently installed WordPress (via inmotion Softaculous), WooCommerce, and ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 04:35 pm EST
Pettiet asks: How do you reset the SpamExperts login password for a Domain?
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 03:27 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: New pc windows 10. Outlook emails no archived files or folders or emails. Still found on old windows 7 pc.
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 02:33 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi, i have a malware virus on a client site that was developed some time ago. a Google ad services is attaching to the ride side bar of the page. do ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 02:09 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: The emails that are going into spam, are work people that I have corresponded with for several years and are now labeled as spam in the subject line a...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 02:03 pm EST
proper91 asks: Address book entries have all disappeared - they were there yesterday but gone this morning.
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 11:43 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi. I recently migrated my website from a free site to here. Everything seems to be running smoothly. The only thing is when I do a goog...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 08:11 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Just purchased Power Plan few hours back. I'm able to enter AMP, but not Cpanel. I've reset Cpanel password 2 times, but problem remains.
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 07:32 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi there, I have an blog site on wordpress on subdomain then I decided to make it in subfolder of site i.e.
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 06:22 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Please help, i'm using filezilla, it gives me this info."Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname pro...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 02:53 am EST
InMotionFans asks: With Google announcing the end of its paid single website search engine (no ads) service, I need to find an ad-free search engine to place on my htm...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-23 12:24 am EST
Bernstein asks: I am trying to install Laravel using SSH through composer and I get Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 128188416) (tried to allocate 65 bytes) in ...
1 Answer
Asked 2017-02-22 04:03 pm EST

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