InMotionFans asks: Hi, what version of Python is installed on the business hosting?
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-29 07:50 am EST
InMotionFans asks: whst is the reason for below error pls help me 530 user cannot login error could not connect to the server
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-29 03:35 am EST
StellaM asks: I am using nicEditor as textarea to post data to a database but I don't get the desired result. Here is my code, any response is much appreciate...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-28 03:03 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I received a warning from google that apparently someone has somehow shoved some web pages into our domain (not sure how this happens - I don't s...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-28 02:10 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Hey, I recently received an email from Google stating this: We recently discovered that some pages on your site look like a possible phishing attac...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-28 03:43 am EST
InMotionFans asks: i got the following error how can i solve it? CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 10...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-28 03:05 am EST
InMotionFans asks: when i set up shipping cost at the checkout it shows this Total products (tax excl.) $198.90 Total shipping (tax excl.) Free shipping! Total (tax ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-27 01:34 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Please will you edit my php settings for my sever in order to adjust to these required settings i need for a extension I am running on my joomla insta...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-27 01:33 pm EST
firefoxmax asks: 12:00 PM Wyoming at No. 9 Michigan State ESPN2 12:00 PM Tennessee at No. 12 Georgia ESPN http://ncaafb...
0 Answers
Asked 2014-09-27 09:17 am EST
firefoxmax asks: Saturday, September 27 ====================== 12:00 PM Wyoming at No. 9 Michigan State ESPN2 12:00 PM Tennessee at No. 12 Georgia ESPN ...
0 Answers
Asked 2014-09-27 09:16 am EST
InMotionFans asks: No stats are available for my account. Aw-stats and Webalizer are listed in cPanel but Analog and Logaholic are not. The two stats programs listed (Aw...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-27 05:22 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I'm going to set a multistore in Prestashop. I want the new one located in a subdomain, so I created the subdomain through c...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-26 03:51 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I initially set up the website using drupal, and had the log on box available on every page. This was confusing to some users, so I removed the log in...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-26 03:45 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: Is this website run by the Joomla content management system?
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-25 09:33 pm EST
Andre_ asks: Hi, WHM throw an error when I ask for a mail delivery report or any kind of summary. The error i: DeliveryReporter API internal failure: DBD::my...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-25 10:16 am EST
agendacon asks: Has Inmotion applied the patch for the vulnerability found on Apache's Bash on their servers? Dubbed "Shellshock" - issued by US-Cert.
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-25 09:31 am EST
InMotionFans asks: after i uploaded my website & moving between pages, i see this message -(The page at says: load_complete) ... Why ? can any o...
2 Answers
Asked 2014-09-25 05:32 am EST
twocans asks: I get an error 406 message when I try to log into wordpress. It seems to be a problem with a plugin called membermouse as I can log in if that plugin ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-25 03:20 am EST
tpawar1992 asks: Hello, I need some favor, actually I have uploaded my website on server.but it is in .net architecture.It all contains .aspx pages not .html. I uploa...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-25 02:20 am EST
InMotionFans asks: IMH currently hosts my domain, which I want to retire because I'm renaming my business. I just signed up for HostGator reseller pkg. BIG mista...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 10:51 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I was given this link from tech support so I'm hoping you can help me. Yesterday I tried to create a prestashop multistore which caused several g...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 07:19 am EST
InMotionFans asks: how to upgrade our php 5.3 for selected accounts to php 5.4
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 06:04 am EST
InMotionFans asks: Hi, when I try to clear all cache in my Drupal website I receive this error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message �...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 05:17 am EST
InMotionFans asks: What version of MySQL are you currently offfering with your hosting plans?
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 04:33 am EST
InMotionFans asks: My website is hosted through GoDaddy and made using Word Press. Today ALL of the subpages, when clicked on, location bar shows as "
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-24 12:07 am EST
InMotionFans asks: I updated my wordpress and lost my whole site, what can I do? I had updated to 3.0 and then could not access admin panel, now I used the auto update ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-23 11:48 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: our domain (<fakename>.com) is hosted with InMotion Hosting. A hosting company in Asia has a customer that wants to register new domains that a...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-23 11:37 pm EST
InMotionFans asks: I tried to install ownCloud to my server, but error occured. It says The following errors were found : ?Required PHP version greater than equal to ...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-23 11:46 am EST
InMotionFans asks: How do I create a login area for my clients (members) w/out using "PW Protect Directories" or WordPress Plugins? I want my clients to be abl...
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-23 09:08 am EST
InMotionFans asks: tell at least step not codeing how to customize the hdfc payment gateway in prestashop website.if any one known to it.
1 Answer
Asked 2014-09-23 12:04 am EST

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