Instant On WordPress Environments

Instant On WordPress Environments

Create a fully functional WordPress site on demand with 1-click playground environments. Use your playground for staging, testing or new site build outs. Each playground environment includes a unique URL so you can share demo sites with clients.

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WordPress Staging Your Way


Use development environments to rapidly prototype new sites and test out ideas. It’s also a great way to learn and experiment with WordPress in a safe environment.


Use staging environments to work on copies of existing sites and demo client sites before going live.


Launch your completed site to a production server to make your website live to the public.


WordPress Staging Your Way

WordPress Development Tools

Powerful built-in tools that speed up your WordPress workflows – for all your sites.

Migrate Sites

Perform server-to-server site migrations to make edits without affecting your live website.

Copy Environments

Copy a WordPress installation to another non-production environment with one click.

Perform Maintenance

Perform routine WordPress updates on staging, then apply your changes to production.

Launch Quicker

Build and share demo sites for clients, then purchase the production server.

Automatic Installs

Build new sites or test a Snap (theme and plugin blueprints) with 1-click installation.

Collaborate On Projects

Invite users to work on your sites and manage their roles and permissions.

WordPress Staging FAQs

What is a staging environment?

Staging environments are testing playgrounds that let users work on a website without breaking the live site.

A playground environment creates a fully functional WordPress site for staging, testing or developing new features. Playground environments include a unique URL so you can share demo sites with clients.

How do I create playground environments?

You can create one or many playground environments with a few clicks inside a Project. All playground environments come with WordPress pre-installed.

Another way to create a playground is by using a Snap. When you install a Snap, a new playground is created with WordPress plus the theme and plugins of your choice. This saves you time because you do not need to install and activate each plugin individually. The Snap does it for you!

Once your WordPress site is running the way you expect on your playground environment, you can publish your website to your production server.

What are the benefits of using a staging site?

Having a staging site is helpful with testing updates to your site without impacting the live site. Testing new themes, plugins, and designing new pages is safer to do on a copy of your site.

Here are some other things you can use a staging site for:

  • Troubleshoot Errors
  • Improve Functionality
  • Test Available Updates for Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core Files
  • Test and Launch a New Site with Snaps
  • Demo Staging Sites to Clients
  • Safely Learn How to Use WordPress

How many playground environments do I get?

Our WordPress hosting plans offer the following playground environments:

  • Server Levels 1 through 4 include one free playground environment
  • Server Levels 5 through 8 include 15 playground environments via a Premium Connect Key

Need more playground environments? There is no limit on the number of WordPress staging sites / environments you can purchase a la carté inside of your Central dashboard.

  • A Premium Connect Key can be purchased for 15 development installations
  • You can purchase playground environments in increments of 5, 10, and 20

WordPress Staging Made Easy

Create, stage, and launch WordPress websites, regardless of your experience level.