Magento Product label Inventory Management

  • Answered
My store lable inventory setting
Decrease Stock When Order is Placed :No

And i want to Decrease product quantity for a single Category products When Order is Placed.
How this is possible please help...
Hello, Thank you for your question about Magento product labeling. Yes, you can setup Magento as you suggested, but it is a 3 step process:
  1. Go to System >> Configuration, then Catalog >> Inventory. Set "Manage Stock" to YES
  2. Now, set ALL Products to "Manage Stock" to "No." Go to Catalog >> Manage Products. Select ALL>>Update Attributes. On the Inventory Tab change "Manage Stock" to No
  3. Now, filter catalog to show all the products from the category you want to manage stock. Select ALL >> Update Attributes >> On the Inventory Tab change "Manage Stock" to YES
If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul