how to use Open Cart's Rewards Points

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In your tutorial, you talk about how to assign rewards points to a product--in terms of how to set a rewards points "price" for that product. But you don't say how customers can earn rewards points through their purchases. I want to encourage my customers to spend more by offering rewards points either on pricier items, or for a larger purchase total. Can you explain in more detail how this works, and whether it's automated so I don't have to mess with it once it's set up? Also, what does the "Points" column in the Open Cart spreadsheet refer to--earning points or redeeming them?
Hello Jikartglass, Thanks for the question. If you have already setup the rewards points for your products, then you've already done most of the work. We do need to update the article to include where the points are redeemed from the customer point of view. As you noted, "rewards points" can be set per product. A customer must be registered in order to accumulate those points. When they register, they can see a tally of their points in the "My Orders" section of the customer's account page. As customers purchase products with your assigned rewards points, they accumulate the points in their account. Once they have enough points, they can purchase products using only Reward points. There are requirements that must be met in order for a reward points to be used for purchasing:
  • You need to enable Rewards Points in the menu labeled Extensions>Order Totals
  • Customer has accumulated rewards points based on either products they've purchased or points that have been awarded to them. Reward Points can be added to a customer under the Customer>Reward Points
  • Product is set to be allowed for purchase using reward points
As per the steps detailed in the article for assigning reward points per product, you need to be in the Catalog>Products section of the menu in order to set the Reward Points required to purchase the item. The number of points that each product gives upon purchase also set in this section. The Reward points per product are assigned to customer groups listed under each product. The whole process is automated to the extent of managing how they are used for product purchase, but you must take the time to assign the Reward points per customer group and for each product. You would need to add some verbiage on your page in order to advertise about the advantage of using reward points. As for your last question, I have no specific reference. In my test version of OpenCart, I could not see any specific column labeled just "points". There is a report for looking at how much customers have points and how much they've used (in the Reports section of the Admin dashboard). I would need a little more info in order to give you a definite answer on this question. For further information you can also review this post in the OpenCart forums: How do I use Reward Points. I hope this helps to clarify their use. If you still require assistance, then please give us a little more info and we can research it further for you. I plan to update the article that you have read,or add a separate article for that purpose. I'll probably have the update done later this evening. Kindest regards, Arnel C.
Hello jkartglass, and thanks for your question. In our guide for working with reward points in OpenCart, under the 2nd Setting the Number of Points a product Gives/Costs section this is discussed. When you go to Catalog >> Products in your OpenCart dashboard, and click on Edit beside the product you'd like to adjust your reward points for. You can then click on the Rewards tab to set what the product costs, and what it earns in terms of reward points. In OpenCart terminology the Points field is how many reward points the selected product will cost a customer. The Customer Group field will allow you to enter in how many reward points are gained by each customer group when that product is purchased by them. You can create customer groups in OpenCart to break up the reward points you give certain customers. For instance if you wanted to give new customers more reward points on their first purchase. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob