logout link url

  • Answered
create a external menu for logout.
i have tryed this link index.php?option=com_user&task=logout&return=Lw
but it not working.
Hello Neha Shama, and thanks for your question, If you're trying to create a logout link in your menu with Joomla 3, you should be able to follow these steps to accomplish this. You basically want to setup a new menu item that only displays to registered (logged in) users a logout link:
  1. Login to Joomla 3 admin
  2. At the top click on Menus, then on Menu Manager
  3. From the left hand side, click on Menu Items
  4. Now in the top-left click on the green New link
  5. Beside Menu Item Type * click on the Select link
  6. Click on Users Manager to expand it, then click on Login Form
  7. For Menu Title enter in Logout
  8. For Alias enter in Logout
  9. From the Menu Location drop-down, choose the menu you'd like this logout link to display
  10. On the right from the Access drop-down, click on Registered
  11. Towards the top you can also click on Advanced Options if you'd like to change where users get redirected to after logging out, or what text to display once they do so
  12. Once you're done making all your edits, click on Save & Close
Hope that helps, if you have any other questions at all please let us know. - Jacob