How to change the size of links in the Premium Website Builder?

  • Answered
When I create a hyperlink in my site, the font size of the link becomes noticeably smaller than the surrounding text. Is there a simple way to format the appearance of a link (underlining, font size/color, etc.)?
Hi ChemDevil, Normally, the styling of links can be changed by using CSS. It appears that you are using the Premium Website Builder, however the builder does not allow you to change any CSS files directly. To change link font sizes in the Premium Site Builder:
  1. While in step 4 of the builder, highlight the link
  2. In the top menu, next to size click the dropdown
  3. Adjust the size setting to one of the available options, such as smaller, medium, or larger.
If you wanted to underline the link or do other formatting changes, simply highlight the link and then click the appropriate formatting button in the top menu. For example, clicking the [B] button will make the link bold. I hope this helps! Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any follow up questions. Thanks! - Brad