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Relax and let our server professionals migrate your data and install key applications.

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Why leverage Managed Hosting’s team of experts?

Benefits of Managed Hosting Professional Services

InMotion Hosting’s Managed Hosting service streamlines server management, freeing you to focus on your business. Our expert team handles technical tasks like data migration, application installation, and server optimization. With affordable on-demand IT support, we offer platform optimization, including LAMP speed tuning and NGINX custom installations. Our technology experts provide tailored solutions such as custom server architecture and intelligent infrastructure deployments to maximize efficiency and propel your business forward.

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Advanced Server Functions

  • Custom Server Solutions
  • Application Optimization
  • Enhanced Security

Hassle-Free Transfers

  • Minimal Interruption
  • Expert Server Setup
  • Recommended Server Optimizations

Expert Advice

  • Fast, Accurate Responses
  • Direct Access to a Team of Experts
  • G2 Managed Hosting Leader

The Best Managed Hosting Experts for Your Business

Think of our Managed Hosting Professionals as your personal System Administrators. Select a plan that best meets your needs.

Pro Level 1

Starting at
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  • 1 Hour/mo
  • $54.00 per additional hour*

Pro Level 2

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  • 2 Hour/mo
  • $48.00 per additional hour*

Pro Level 3

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  • 3 Hour/mo
  • $45.00 per additional hour*

Discover why we are the right partner to help your business unlock untapped levels of performance and scale. All of the benefits of Professional Managed Hosting with none of the commitment. Easily pay-as-you-go by purchasing À La Carte hours and get assistance on tasks and issue resolutions.

Managed Hosting Professional Support Hour

$90.00/ hr

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  • No Minimum Commitment
  • $90.00 per additional hour*

Managed Hosting Services Capabilities


Directly impact your bottom line

On-demand IT service and support at an affordable price. Get extensive platform optimization with an experienced and knowledgeable team. Scale or deploy new or existing technologies or let us adjust your processor workers to boost speed and increase efficiency.

  • Speed tune your LAMP environment
  • Enable custom installation of NGINX
  • Modify scripts and other environmental variables
  • Adopt new task automation


Get started quickly and effectively

Leverage your technology and maximize efficiency using our Managed Hosting team of technology experts to implement:

  • Custom server architecture
  • Tailor-made servers
  • Intelligent infrastructure deployments
  • Private clouds
  • Custom server setups including clusters
  • Software performance and architecture


Uptime all the time

Combine the power and performance of hardware to transform your business and technology. Secure and connect applications to your employees and customers. You can even get the scale of our cloud to get maximum uptime and availability for your applications.


Reinvent your network security

Get best practices and security solutions that will keep your business and customer data secure. Simple pricing, professional security updates and more than 20 years of experience in the hosting industry.

Products with Managed Hosting Services

Coupled with free migration and professional service hours, try our managed products today!

Managed WordPress

  • Purpose built servers designed for high traffic WordPress sites that demand performance.
  • Leverage our managed services for complex website migrations, WordPress application optimization, and PageSpeed Pros performance tuning.

Managed WordPress

Reseller Hosting

  • The ideal hosting experience for new businesses focusing on growth.
  • cPanel and WHMCS are included so that client billing and management are packaged in one place for ease of use.

Reseller Hosting

Managed VPS

  • The perfect platform for building, growing and scaling your business’ website.
  • Scalable, fast, dynamic managed VPS hosting comes with Managed Hosting to help ensure success for your business online.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers

  • Managed Dedicated Servers with customizable hardware that grows with your business.
  • The premier choice of performance and security, these single-tenant servers offer personal onboarding and increased managed-to-host time.

Dedicated Servers

Experience Optimizing the Following Platforms

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Managed Hosting FAQs

What is InMotion Hosting Managed Hosting Professional Services?

Managed Hosting Profession Services is our in-house team of System Administrators that offer white glove service, website migrations, server optimizations, and more. They ensure your website receives an elevated level of care so you can relax and focus on growing your business.

Why should I use InMotion Managed Hosting Professional Services?

InMotion Managed Hosting Professional Services offer a seamless transition for transferring multiple applications, simple websites, or entire servers, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our expert team of System Administrators possesses in-depth knowledge of our products and infrastructure, enabling them to optimize your VPS or Dedicated Hosting Server for maximum website performance. While your developer focuses on managing the website’s frontend, our team can tune the backend services and optimize the server to enhance overall functionality and efficiency.

What will Managed Hosting Professional Services do for my website?

Our Managed Hosting Professional Services encompass a range of solutions aimed at optimizing your website’s performance and efficiency. In addition to server-side optimization, our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website’s architecture, configuration, and resource utilization. We will provide tailored recommendations and implement industry-leading technologies to enhance your website’s speed, reliability, and security. Our services may include fine-tuning server settings, optimizing database performance, implementing content delivery networks (CDNs), enhancing security measures, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in web hosting technology. With our expertise and proactive approach, we aim to ensure that your website operates at its peak performance while effectively utilizing server resources.

What can Managed Hosting Professional Services do for my server?

Our Managed Hosting Professional Services offer comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize your server’s performance and reliability. Beyond general consultation, our team specializes in troubleshooting advanced web server configurations and addressing common CMS (Content Management System) issues. Additionally, we provide specialized services such as replacing MariaDB SQL with MySQL, installing applications like PostgreSQL, AngularJS, NodeJS, Django, Apache TomCat Server, Redis, and PHP modules/extensions, among others. With our expertise, we aim to ensure that your server operates efficiently and securely, meeting the specific needs of your website or application.

How do I purchase Managed Hosting Professional Services?

Chat with one of our support agents who can identify which product and service level fits your needs and budget.

What happens if I need more time?

For customers with an existing Managed Hosting Professional Service subscription, discounted blocks of time can be purchased. The additional hours can be used for a variety of purposes.

How do I contact my Managed Hosting Expert?

Team members are available via phone, ticket and chat between 9AM to 9PM Eastern, Monday through Friday, excluding major U.S. holidays.

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