• Our dedicated hosting plans include many unlimited features. These give you the ability to focus on the development and design of your website, without having to worrying about facing limitations.

    Unlimited Dedicated Servers: Top Features

    MySQL Databases

    With unlimited MySQL databases, you can install as many content management systems as you like. This means that you can have as many blogs, business websites, e-commerce websites, and more on the same account.

    FTP Accounts

    Do you have multiple developers who need access to your website files? Creating an FTP account allows them this access. With the unlimited features of our dedicated servers, you can create as many FTP accounts as you would like.

    cPanel Sub-Accounts

    If you are using our included reseller software, you have the ability to create unlimited cPanel accounts for your clients. This allows your clients to easily manage their server settings.

    Email Accounts

    Unlimited dedicated server hosting includes limitless email accounts. Limited email accounts is no longer a worry.

    Separate Websites

    All of our dedicated servers allow you to create separate websites all on the same account. This means that you can bring as many domains as you would like to your dedicated server.

    Unlimited Parked Domains

    There is no restriction on how many parked domains that you can have with your dedicated server hosting.

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