How to set all e-mail accounts to Forwarder to a single account.

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I need to configure a Forward from all e-mail accounts to a single one, how do i proceed? in the cpanel i only can configure 1 account each time. But i need that this resource to work in all accounts including in new emails.

When you refer to 'all' email accounts, do you mean all existing email account? Or do you mean all email accounts, whether they exist or not?

If you want to only have existing email addresses send to a default email address, then you will need to set each one up individually.

If you wish to create a 'catch all' address so that all email addresses, even non-existent ones, get sent to the default email address, you will create this via your cPanel.

Log into the cPanel and look under the Mail category for a Default Address icon. Click that icon to begin. From the next page, select the domain you are working with and then select the second radio button. This allows you to enter the email address you wish to use as the catch all address. Save the changes and that is it. Now, emails will all come to that single address, even if sent to an email address that does not exist for your domain.

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Scott M