Sub Domain Issue causeing the images in my gallery problems

  • Answered
After being researched by tech support it was determined that the images on my website are not loading due to a sub domain issue The images in my gallery are "calling for the sub domain" that was established by my web designer. My web designer is MIA so I need to find a way to fix the issue on my own, or find a technician that can make the correction and maintain my site. Any advice?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having an issue with subdomain links in your WordPress. This is usually fixed by doing a find and replace on your database to get rid of the old URL and replace it with the new URL.
  1. To do this you first need to back up your database.
  2. Next, go to your database and do an EXPORT of its contents.
  3. Then open up the file with your favorite text editor.
  4. Now do a Find and Replace on the old URL to new URL. The procedure here will differ depending on your text editor. Look first under the Edit section of the top menu. (NOTE: Check your spelling and use the FULL URL for both the find and replace. A misspelling or partial replacement on some other data can wreck the database)
  5. After you have replaced all the old URLs with the new one, save the file.
  6. Return to your cPanel and then open up the database in phpMyAdmin.
  7. Select all the tables and then DROP them. This deletes all the content in the database (you have a backup just in case).
  8. Now IMPORT the file that you did the find and replace on. This will Insert all the data that was there, but with your new URL instead.
Now your site should work fine. You can see our image specific article here. Kindest Regards, Scott M