Web Authoring and Publishing in FrontPage

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Have been using FrontPage for years. Extensions will be dropped for 2 of my websites 6/24/15. Each have 100's of pages. Looking to migrate all to something that I can use and then transfer by way of FTP. I was told I could still use FrontPage to create, but there is a compatibility issue with FTP. Do you have any suggestions. As you probably know, FP used the extention .htm instead of .html .I will probably have to hand code every single page? Help?

Hello Dahni,

Thank you for your question about web authoring and publishing in FrontPage. We also no longer support Front Page extensions. The reason is that the software is simply much too old. Microsoft themselves stopped supporting it almost a decade ago. That does not mean you cannot still use it to make changes to your site. You can simply edit the pages on your computer and upload the new files via an FTP program such as FileZilla. We have a great FTP starter guide to help!

Also, no need to worry about the .htm issue. That was not exclusively a Microsoft thing and web servers can process the .htm or .html extension the same.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M