Issues with Activation of Website and French Writing on Home Page

  • Answered
ok so i have 2 issues that i can't seem to figure out:
1. I can't get my website on the internet. my husband set the page to say coming soon. well it's here and i can't upload or activate it to the internet. 2. i can't find where to get rid of this french writing on the home page.

thank you please help!
Hello, Thank you for your question about issues activating your site and with French displaying on your site. 1. Typically, a website is uploaded to the internet via FTP, File Manager in cPanel, or through an Administrative dashboard. I looked at your website and was not able to determine what type of software your site was created with. Also, since your site is not hosted with us, I could look at any hints on the server side. Since you posted this in our Frontpage section, our guide on Publishing Frontpage may help. 2. The french writing on your website, is just a banner image. You can view it by navigating to: (be sure to replace with your actual domain name) We are happy to assist you, but will need some additional information. How did you design your website? For example, are you using Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5, etc, or just hand coding the site? Who are you hosted with? I looked up your Nameservers in the Whois record, and you are not pointed/hosted with InMotion Hosting. If you can tell us who your host is, we can attempt to find their specific tutorials, or Support Forums. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, -John-Paul