In this tutorial we will show you how to publish a Frontpage website using FTP. This will allow you to continue publishing your website after Frontpage Extensions have been disabled on the server. Microsoft stopped supporting Frontpage in 2006, and we have done our best to allow it to still be used with our servers. At this time Frontpage extensions can open a server up to certain vulnerabilities, which helped us decide to discontinue its use with our hosting environment. For more information, please read our guide "Death of Frontpage Extensions."

You will need to know your FTP hostname, username, and password to complete this tutorial. If you do not know them, I recommend reading our FTP Getting Started Guide.

Publishing Frontpage with FTP

  1. In Frontpage, click File, then click Publish Site...
    frontpage publish site
  2. Choose FTP, then enter your FTP hostname in the Remote Web site location field. (In my tests I entered: Click the Use Passive FTP option, then the OK button.
    connect to your server in frontpage
  3. A Name and Password Required box will pop up. Enter your FTP username in the Name field. Then put your FTP password in the Password field, and click the OK button.
    click to enlarge the image
  4. You will then see your Local and Remote web site files listed. Highlight the local files you want to publish, then drag and drop them into the remote folder for your website. If you are not sure where to drop the files, I recommend reading our guide on where to save your files".
    click to see a larger image

    Your site will then be uploaded. It is finished when you see your website files on the right side of the window, in the remote Web Site listing. Test your website at this time; if you don't see the changes refresh the page, or clear your browser's cache.

Congratulations, now you know how to publish your Frontpage website using FTP!
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n/a Points
2014-09-03 11:55 am

must download my sites first.  please provide tutorial on downloading likw what is host: info needed in filezilla and port info?


13,760 Points
2014-09-03 1:13 pm
Hello Ed,

Thank you for your question. You will just use your standard FTP settings, which you can view in your cPanel at any time.

Also, here is our helpful guide on Configuring your website in FileZilla.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2014-09-11 4:06 pm

Thanks for the help with publishing with FTP.

Problem: click on "publish web" and the http box automatically pulls up. Don't see anywhere to pull up FTP option (FP 2002).

11,156 Points
2014-09-11 5:20 pm
Within the Publish Web dialog box, simply click on Options and you will be presented with FTP settings.
n/a Points
2014-09-30 10:45 pm

Within the Publish Web dialog box, the Options button is greyed out.  I am trying to FTP from FrontPage.

24,054 Points
2014-10-01 8:09 am
Hello Anh,

If the Options link is grayed out, there must be something in the FrontPage causing that. If that is the case and you cannot figure it out, then you may want to use an FTP program like FileZilla to get your files up to the server.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-11-12 8:39 pm

If I use FTP to publish my FrontPage website, what FrontPage functionality do I lose?  


Will my Forms still work?

Can I still embedded Excel spreadsheets? 

24,054 Points
2014-11-13 8:53 am
Hello Bill,

FTP is simply a protocol to allow you to upload files as is to the server. No code will be changed during the process. The example you gave shows that the spreadsheet is displayed using an iframe while the actual spreadsheet is from somewhere else. You should have no issues at all.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2014-11-13 12:05 pm

Thanks Scott.  Would you happen to know if the forms I created in FrontPage will work if I use FTP?


13,760 Points
2014-11-13 1:22 pm
Hello Bill,

Thank you for your question. Using FTP will not affect your forms, as FTP is just a means of transferring/uploading files.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
n/a Points
2015-03-17 2:28 pm

I've been transfering, via FTP, webfiles created in Frontpage for years. I've never used the "publish site" function in FP either. Now I'm looking for a new hosting service and most no longer allow for FP ext. Will this be a problem with my webpages displaying properly? Or are the FP ext only necessary for the "publish site" option?


Thank you for your help!

2,043 Points
2015-03-17 11:48 pm
Hello Sarah,

The frontpage extensions are necessary for certain frontpage additions you would put on your website. You are correct that most host have removed this feature.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens

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