What is wrong with InMotion?

  • Answered
This hosting service is simply a disaster. Our 24/7 news site is frequently inaccessible. IM sometimes shuts off access, sending us a warning message after the fact. Then there are the countless "unable to access" notes because of supposed hacker attacks on WordPress. And worse, there's no way to speak to the idiot who supposedly runs this company!
Hey hankscott, I definitely apologize for the recent out of the ordinary issues at hand with your service with us. We have been having some problems of late just like the rest of the hosting community out there right now. Unfortunately the only account information I found on file for you is for an account closed 4 years ago. I'd be glad to take a further looks specifically at your issues for you if you'd like to pass your site information along to [email protected], or if you feel comfortable disclosing that information publicly here as well. It sounds like possibly you might be having some high resource usage problems probably caused by the WordPress brute force attacks. If you're on a VPS or dedicated server you can take a look at my section on server usage for a large collection of articles on how to keep your server performing in top top shape so you don't have any issues with an account suspension which it sounds like you might have encountered before due to some high usage. While not an excuse, and not trying to scare you but just inform you, please bear in mind that the level of malicious activity across the board on the Internet is at historical all time highs which our own IT Director blogged about in his the new norm in cyber world post back in June. I encourage you to also do some searching on your own on this as well, some good search terms I found were "DDoS attacks over years", or "DDoS attacks on the rise". We've made huge strides at InMotion Hosting in the security and uptime of our servers and network over the last 2 years, but at times these exceptional problems still happen. We try to learn and grow from them as much as possible so that we're constantly helping our customers keep their websites and businesses available to all their visitors. If you have any recommendations on how you would better like to be served, or if you had any further questions at all, please let us know! - Jacob
I think the support is pretty fine, they have always been there for me, and your wordpress website will only have have hacker attacks when you use Nulled Templates, it is always adviced to get genuine WordPress themes and also scan your website regularly, you can also get extensions which investigates every file from your server .