slow uploads in moodle

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I have installed Moodle and tried using file picker to upload files. The speed is extremely slow. Does the problem reside with the application itself or my hosting? Any idea of improving the upload speed?
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Hello legendpaul,

The server is open to uploads at speeds faster than most Internet Service Providers, so it would not be the server itself. It is possible that it is the Moodle software processing the files. Here are a couple of things to consider:

How large is the file you're trying to upload?

Of course, the larger the file or number of files, the slower it can go. If you are choosing a large number of files at once, try selecting a smaller group of files. If it is a large single file, you may want to see if you can optimize it as well.

Are you having any connectivity issues to the server

During times of slow uploads, you may want to test the connectivity to the server and see if there are any problem areas. You can follow the instructions listed in our how do I run a ping and tracert test? article.

Send the results of the diagnostic test to our live tech support department via a ticket through the AMP interface.

Best Regards,

Scott M