What's the Best Web Hosting Plan for a Web Designer?

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I want to venture into web design business but I am quite confused about the hosting plan and other subscription recommended of me to go for, probably I will be hosting my client's websites here on inmotion. Please guide me on the best packages.

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Which hosting package is best for my site?

Hi there,

I have a wordpress website and I am using local company services for a hosting. However, I am not happy with their hosting. Their server is down almost every day. I am fed up of their service and looking for good website hostings.

I wanted to know which hosting package would be best for me. My website is new and do not have enough traffic. It is just in starting phase.

Secondly, I also need help in website migration. How can I migrate my website to your hosting.


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It depends on what subscription you feel most comfortable with. 

Many designers like the reseller hosting model because it can be monetized, and you can manage all your customers in one location. 

If you're using WordPress, however, you may consider opening each customer an individual WordPress hosting account. This way, you save the higher costs of reseller hosting up front. The down side would be having to keep track of all the individual hosting accounts. 

We've tried to simplify the management process by allowing you to open new hosting accounts under one master account. In the end, it depends on your comfort level.