have not received initial mail

  • Answered
Your order is in the account setup process now and you will receive an initial email confirmation in the next few minutes. A New Account Specialist will contact you by phone to confirm your order and ensure you have everything you need to get started with your Launch Plan.
Have not received this email confirmation! Nor have I been contacted by phone. What shall I do?
Hello angelhost, Thank you for your question about your new account initiation. Our team attempts to reach out within 30 minutes by phone. If they are unable to reach you by phone, they send out an email. They will revisit the account and try to reach out by phone or mail for 48 hours. After that time, the account will likely be purged from the system. I can see that they have sent a few emails, one as recent as 20 minutes ago. Be sure to check your SPAM folder to see if the emails may have gone there. You can also reach out to the Live Confirmations team at your convenience. Kindest Regards, Scott M