Category problem in word press

  • Answered
We appear to be having a db problem on It has to do with menus. When you go to modify a listing the entire section disappears and wipes out everything. Tried to get it fixed with tech support with no luck. We just moved the site so it is a little disappointing. I am restoring from a previous backup and hopefully this goes away.

Any ideas would be most welcome - big time waster . . .
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your WordPress. We are happy to assist but need a bit more information from you. Why do you believe it is specifically a database issue? What version of WordPress are you running? What version of PHP are you running? What error message are you getting? Ensure you have error reporting enabled so you can give the exact error message. What are the exact steps you are performing so we can attempt to duplicate the issue? Have you ruled out any plugins and themes by disabling them? Kindest Regards, Scott M