New account. Adding PoP3 Account For Email

  • Answered
Hi, I am in my gmail account and I have gone into my setting and clicked Add Account and chosen pop3. I filled out my new email address add a password on the next page along with clicking the alway use SSL box and Label incoming messages. Then I click Add Account. This were the problem arrises. On this same page it then says that there was a problem connecting to Pop Server. Thanks
Hello LinvingMuse, Sorry to hear you are having issues setting up POP3 on your gmail. Without knowing what settings you are using it is difficult to tell what the issue is. Be sure you are using the right server. The secure version is a bit different than normal. For the normal version you can use either your domain name ( or the server name ( For the secure version you can only use the secure server version ( Other than that, you need the full email address as the username and the correct password along with the port 465. Kindest Regards, Scott M