transfer domains without downtime

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I am not happy with my current hosting company and I want to move. I currently have around 10 domains that I would like to move. Some of them are business's and others are personal. We have a small company and we are growing rapidly and I need a hosting company that wants to help.

I have no idea how to transfer my critically important domains to your hosting company and I'd like to know if someone can help us with that.

Thank you
Jim Tovet
Tovet Consulting Group
Hello Jim, We have a guide on how to perform your own website transfer that goes over the process involved for moving over sites to our servers. Is the previous web host you're coming from using cPanel? If so if you just have one cPanel account with you 10 domain setup underneath it, you can simply do a full cPanel backup and then restore that onto our server. The other thing to keep in mind when migrating your websites is the process of updating your domain's name servers to point to your new host. It can take up to 24 hours for new DNS settings for a domain to fully propagate. So typically what you want to do is backup your websites, restore them to a new host, update the DNS to point to the new server, then wait for the DNS propagation to finish. During that 24 hour window, your websites would remain "live" on both the old web host as well as the new. If someone had never been to your website before, they wouldn't have a cached DNS lookup, and would instantly pull your site up from the new server. If they had been to your website before, then they could continue to see the site from the old server for up to 24 hours while those DNS settings propagate across the internet. We also have a Launch Assist program where someone from our managed hosting team can migrate your websites to our servers for you. Please let us know if you had any further questions at all. - Jacob