Moving SSL from Dreamhost

  • Answered
We're moving our website from Dreamhost to InMotion hosting. We have purchased SSL certificate for our site on dreamhost, is it possible to export it and/or reuse it on InMotion hosting in any way or do we need to get a new dedicated SSL certificate? Thanks. zdenek
Hello Zednek, Thank you for your question about moving SSL from Dreamhost. You are able to move the SSL over to us here at InMotion. It will require a small process, however. You will need to first obtain a CSR. You can request one by logging into your AMP and then selecting the "Simple CSR Request" icon. Once you are emailed the CSR, send it to the SSL issuer and they will be able to rekey it for your server here. Once that is done, you can then contact our Live Support by emailing the SSL files to them. From there they can install the SSL onto your server for your site. Kindest Regards, Scott M