I'm trying to change my domain name to point to my new web site

  • Answered
I'm trying to change my domain name fohnetik.com which is currently on Domain.com to point to my new web site. I have no idea what URL I'm supposed to use.
Hello, Thanks for the question and sorry for the problems with the domain name. Basically, since the domain name you're trying to use is NOT pointed to our servers. Your domain name will not work with your website being hosted here until you update your name servers. When I checked it, I could see that it's not pointing to our name servers. Please reference this article to get information on how to change your name servers so that they point to our servers. Once the change is made, you will encounter a short delay called DNS propagation. The internet servers are being updated during this short period of time (usually less than 24 hours) in order to recognize your domain name when someone types it in a browser. I hope that explains the issue! Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Arnel C.