Can I control the order of my blog posts in Premium Web Builder?

  • Answered
About 20 hours ago I asked: "Using Premium Web Builder, I am trying to use blog pages as comment pages for my videos. There will be a dozen or so "posts" (comment headings to match videos) per page. Sometimes I need to change the order of the posts, to match the order of the videos. However, each page automatically places the most recent post at the top." The question seemed to have fallen through the cracks, but today, JacobIMH gave me a thoughtful and fairly helpful reply. He did not specify that the answer to my question is "no," but am I to infer from his response that the answer is "no?" I could not simply reply to his answer because I am unable to sign in to the support center; my facebook sign in causes a conflict by some means--which prevents my entry. I have tried WordPress several times, it probably works well for bloggers, but I am not a blogger. I am using the blog program for a small function on my website, which is not at all a blog. I will look into Concrete5 again. So please, is the answer to my original question, "no?"
Hello, Thanks for the question. Yes, Jacob spoke with us about it last night and we briefly discussed it. Unfortunately, the direct answer is definitely "no", that is not something that can be done in the Builder program. The Builder is made to be a program for beginning users with little coding control over the eventual website code that is saved on the server. It makes it easy for anyone to quickly put out a site, but it doesn't lend you any control over some details like the order of posts. There may typically be a work-around, but sometimes it's better if you look into other free/open-source solutions such as Concrete5 or WordPress. They have a good community following and a lot of the functionality that you may be seeking (especially for blog posts) would be available. I hope that helps to provide you the answer that you seek and alternatives that can be a solution to your problem. Regards, Arnel C.