How can I know where my host is located? In which country.

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For regulation purposes, I need to know where my host is located.
Physical location.

Could you please give me this info?
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Hurricane / Data Center

How can I determine which data center has my VPS3000 server? What redundancy is in place in case Hurricane Henri impacts the East Coast today?

As I do not see any information that would provide this within your post here, I cannot provide you details, however, the easiest way to locate that datacenter you are located in would be to look at the name of the server that houses your account if you are on shared hosting. All of our datacenters are located within the US, but we do have two datacenters on the east and west coast. If the server name starts with an "ec" you are located on the east coast. If you do not have an "ec" before the server name, you are in the west coast datacenter. Your server name can be found on the left side panel of your cPanel. If you have a VPS, or are having trouble with this, you may want to contact Technical Support in which they will be happy to provide you with further details on your account. If you have a dedicated server, you will be housed within the west coast datacenter.