help with mySQL database

  • Answered
I am currently trying to install Download Guard ( into one of my blogs, and I am required to create a new SQL database. However, I am already using the maximum number of databases on my hosting plan: france26_wp174 and france26_wp497. As you know and are the two domains that I host on my account. Is it possible for me to delete one of my databases without losing any important info on either site, or do I need to request for additional databases from inmotion hosting to accommodate the installation of DL Guard? Thanks
Hello, Thank you for your question. I checked both of your sites and see that they are both WordPress sites. Deleting either database will destroy the respective site, so please do not do that. You will need an additional database on your account in order to be able to install the DownloadGuard. As we do not currently have the ability to purchase/add databases one at a time, you would need to upgrade to the next account level, Power Plan, if you need to have additional databases. The good news is, the Power Plan allows up to 50 databases, so you would have plenty of room for growth. Also, upgrading the plan does not require any server moves, it is simply a switch on the resource side so nothing would be bothered on the sites as they are now. If you do decide you want to upgrade to the Power Plan, you can either follow the instructions in our article on upgrading your account, or simply send an email to [email protected] with that request. Also, in the email, be sure to verify the account with either the current AMP (Account Management Panel) password, or the last 4 digits of the current credit card on file. Kindest Regards, Scott M