Which software should I choose to build an art / photography site?

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which site hosting tools to choose for a responsive art/photography site with "about", "services", photo galleries and etc. pages, with shopping card system designed for selling digital products, prints and photographer services?
which one of the website builders, e-commerces, and responsive templates will work for that in a team?
Hi TorriaM,

Which software is best for a responsive site?

When you're referring to responsive, I assume you're referring to responsive web design? The Premium Website Builder templates are not responsive, so I would look into another solution. Any software you choose can create a responsive website, you simply need to find a responsive template for the program you use - Google is a great place to start.

What software can create "about", "services", photo galleries, and other types of pages?

Usually with any of the popular programs you choose, such as WordPress / PrestaShop / or Joomla, you can either create these types of pages using features already built into the software, or you can download a 3rd party extension that will help you do the same thing.

I need a shopping cart system designed for selling digital products, prints and photographer services

Most programs designed specifically for e-commerce will have a built in feature for selling downloadable products (such as images). For example, both PrestaShop and OpenCart include these features.

Which software works best for a team environment?

Just about any program you install will allow you to create more than one administrator account. If you're working in a team environment, you can create new admin accounts for each member of your team. It sounds like you know exactly what you want your website to do. That's a great thing, but it is going to take a bit of work and trial / error to get it up and running based upon all your requirements. I hope my answers have at least pointed you in the right direction, but feel free to let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks, - Brad