my mobile moodle theme related issue

  • Answered
why my mobile theme is working on andriod phone but it is not working on windows phone.?

is this this is designed for android , ios only are any other problem related to java script?
Hello shashi, and thanks for the question. If you have already decided to change the default Moodle theme, did you also set a mobile one as well? It would depend on the theme you're using as to why it might not be working on a Windows phone. More than likely it'd be related to the CSS or JavaScript that the theme uses, and unfortunately you'd either have to figure out what's causing the problems for the Windows phone and edit the code manually for the theme, or try to find a theme that is already Windows phone ready. I'd probably recommend asking around on a Windows phone specific development forum, or possibly a Moodle forum as well to see if anyone has any clearer insights on the exact reasons why the mobile theme doesn't work correctly. Please let us know if you have any other questions! - Jacob