How Do I Fix IMAP ERROR: was not found?

  • Answered
getting mail imap error
CONFIGURATION ERROR was not found. was not found.
Please read the INSTALL instructions!

how can i fix this?
Hello scarar, and thanks for your question regarding the IMAP Configuration Error you are reporting. It sounds like possibly you tried to install a standalone version of Roundcube on your account? The errors that you are getting are stating that the required configuration files can not be found. RoundCube should already be installed by default on your account, and you can read our article on Roundcube webmail login for steps on how to access it. If you were trying to install a separate copy of Roundcube, you'd want to make sure that all of the required configuration files are located in the same directory that you uploaded the software to. If you're still having any issues at all, please be a bit more specific on exactly what you're trying to do so that we can steer you in the right direction. - Jacob